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What is the Driver Academy

The driving school for career changers as future professional drivers in Galliker's transport and logistics network for Switzerland and international traffic.

  • The professional entry into the transport industry for Portuguese professionals who would like to drive trucks, already know how or have a mechanical-technical background.
  • Expert driving instructors from the region teach in modern and beautiful training rooms. The Driver Juniors maintain a good, appreciative, mutually supportive team spirit.
  • You will acquire the relevant driving licence categories and professional knowledge. In addition, you will learn German at level A2 within 160 lessons.
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  • The training is free of charge and with fair wages during training
  • A new course starts every two months. The whole course lasts about four months.
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  • The Driver Academy is located in the north of Portugal
  • After graduation, the varied professional world of Galliker Transport awaits you.
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Overview of the training

At the Driver Academy, all the skills relevant for a successful career as a professional driver are trained. Thanks to the professional teaching, the required exams are achievable for everyone.

The next courses

The start of our next planned Junior Driver courses will take place on the following dates. You can simply register via the application form. 
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CourseStartfree places
Course 22 A 01.06.2022  terminated
Course 22 B01.08.2022 terminated
Course 22 C24.10.2022 terminated
Course 23 A16.01.2023 terminated
Course 23 B03.04.2023 terminated
Course 23 C03.07.2023  terminated
Course 23 D22.07.2023  terminated
Course 24 A23.01.2024 running
Course 24 BApril 24 fully booked
Course 24 CJune 24 7
Curso 24 CJune 24 7
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Our team – your contacts 

If you have any questions about your job, your field of work or the needs of your private life, we will be happy to help and advise you at any time.
Nuno Veloso  2379-3648x2433nunoveloso
Chefe de Administração
Carina Eira-3648x2433carinaeira
Professora de Alemão
José Carlos Pereira  2368-3648x2433josecarlospereira
Instrutor de condução
José Pedro Magalhaes 2374-3648x2433JoséPedroMagalhães
Instrutor de condução
Team_Anselmo_Ribeiroanselmo path
Professor de Alemão


Driver Academy by Galliker
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4760-761 Vilarinho das Cambas (Famalicâo)

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